Virginia 501c3 Nonprofit Organization located in the heart of the City of  Hampton's best Sports venues.

Stop & Pop Youth Sports Charities INC

   Virginia 501c3 non-profit organization located in the heart of the City of Hampton's best Sports venues.

We Talking About Practice!!

We would like to thank Coca-Cola for sponsoring our organization with a dynamic partnership with supplies, coaches, financial support, volunteers and continued outreach. This partnership has shown how corporations give back to the community and support youth development. 

Community Knights, Inc. are proud sponsors for our community outreach with continued support for our efforts to rebuild trust with the first respondents and poverty stricken community. Please see them online at- https://communityknights.org  

Since October 2016 Olive Garden Hampton has continued to support Stop and Pop with catered meals for one event a month. 

Positive Grounds Motivational Socks are a proud partner with Stop & Pop Youth Sports Charities INC. Please see Positive Grounds online at www.positivegrounds.com or call (888) 407-0949.

As a member of our community co-op, you have a place that is assured to be a safe environment for your children to play sports, get educated, meet professional athlete's, have social functions, and much more. Also as a member of our 1,000 Friends Campaign you get to select dates and times for your AAU practices and games, maybe your family reunion, maybe even a social function (If approved by our directors). Stop & Pop Youth Sports Charities INC is your one stop shop for all community building and tribal affairs. Will you be apart of the solution to the youth needs in our communities? JUST $10 MONTHLY 
We want to thank Dick's Sporting Goods for supporting our organization for the past 2 years by sending supportive coupons to help us purchase sporting equipment needed for the development of our programs. Please visit your local Dick's Sporting Goods store today or visit them online!

Stop & Pop Youth Sports Charities INC would like to thank Dollar General at 2400 W. Mercury Blvd. in Hampton, VA and 15425 Warwick Blvd. in Newport News, VA for helping to support our community trust building efforts with the Hampton and Newport News Police department and youth in the Hampton Roads area. The community and Stop & Pop youth truly appreciate your support!! #stopandpop24hours

Stop & Pop Youth Sports Charities INC would like to thank Rita's Italian Ice located at 2328 W. Mercury Blvd. in Hampton, VA for helping to support the vision of creating a safe environment for the children of Downtown Hampton to flourish in education and sports. Please visit Rita's and mention that Stop & Pop sent you and try our flavored ICE called Stop & Pop Gelati!! Thank you Rita's for such a wonderful partnership and the children at Stop & Pop really appreciate you support!! #ritasitalianice #stopandpop24hours
Meet our Stop & Pop Youth Sports Charities INC 1,000 Friends Campaign Friend of the week right here as soon as week get enough friends to feature this spotlight. Thank you to all that support youth causes!!

Stop & Pop Youth Sports Charities INC 1,000 Friend of the Week for June 12 thru Sept. 5, 2016