Virginia 501c3 Nonprofit Organization located in the heart of the City of  Hampton's best Sports venues.

Stop & Pop Youth Sports Charities INC

   Virginia 501c3 non-profit organization located in the heart of the City of Hampton's best Sports venues.

We Talking About Practice!!

Building the James & Roselyn McRae Sr. Memorial Sports Arena

These 3 CAD Drawings are something like what we are trying to accomplish with the building of the Stop & Pop Youth Sports Charities INC sports arena. This facility will be able to seat 2,000 people, which is very important for sustainability of this venue. This is a 3 story building that will have a total of 60,000 sq. ft of space. The first floor is our NBA sized basketball court, bleachers, our locker rooms, a first aide room, bathrooms, storage areas, and utility room. The second floor will have a concession area, a barber/beauty shop area, a clothing store area, a broadcast booth area, and private booth areas. The third floor will have our weight rooms, cardio fitness area, classrooms for our youth programs, computer lab, offices, and conference room. This building will be able to sustain itself by using it for different sporting events, and other social functions. When it is done we will be able to start our life saving 24 hour program that just can't be measured on it's effectivity. This is our vision for Stop & Pop Youth Sports Charities INC, please join our 1,000 Friends campaign today!!!

Welcome to the home of the New Virginia Squires. We will have 2 semi-pro basketball teams, one for men and one for women. Our seating goal is less at 2,000. We need the support of the community not only to build our facility, but to keep the doors open. We will be able to play volleyball, tennis, and other sports with no problems. One of the key things about Stop & Pop Youth Sports Charities INC being a nonprofit charity in Virginia and in Georgia is that there is A VERY SMALL CHARGE OF $10 PER MONTH FOR ANY CHILD IN OUR PROGRAMS!!! Although we need financial contributions from the community, we will never turn a child away for financial reasons. Children with advanced behavior issues will be sourced to better situated programs until we get the capabilities to handle those children. Please support our movement today, remember 24 hours of care and concern!

The story of Stop & Pop Youth Sports Charities Inc

We've loved every minute of our journey and have a very long way to go!

 The Harriet Tubman Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Academy

In 1997, President Jamen Mainor was standing on the back porch of his family home where he grew up in Hampton, VA. Looking into the backyard he saw the baseball field of the American Legion and then stepped off the porch and saw the towering lights of Darling Stadium. He realized that there is not a basketball facility in this direct area of other regulation sized fields. Outdoor sports are very exciting so in 2002 the basketball court was built. It is now 14 years old! Today with the support of local educators and community activists we are proud to announce that we are looking forward to establishing a STEM Academy that will bear the name of one of the most important persons in African American History, Harriet Tubman. #stopandpop24hours

This is why we are doing the work that we do!


  • 39% of the homeless population are kids under the age of 18.
  • An estimated 1.5 to 2.8 million homeless and street youth in                    America.
  • If they all lived one city, it would be the 7th largest city in the U.S.
  • 13 kids die on the streets every day from abuse, disease and                  suicide. That's 5000 kids a year!
  • 1 in 7 kids between ages 10 and 18 will run away
  • The average age a teen becomes homeless is 14.7 years. Half of            the homeless youth population is under the age of 18.
  • 46% of homeless youth left their home because of physical abuse.          17% left because of sexual abuse
  • Human trafficking of youth is the fastest growing crime.
  • An estimated 100,000 children are sold into the sex trade within the        US every year.

Please help us to provide a place that children are always welcomed and can become productive members of society.