Virginia 501c3 Nonprofit Organization located in the heart of the City of  Hampton's best Sports venues.

Stop & Pop Youth Sports Charities INC

   Virginia 501c3 non-profit organization located in the heart of the City of Hampton's best Sports venues.

We Talking About Practice!!

President/Founder/CEO: Jamen following his grandparents vision and developed Stop & Pop Youth Sports Charities INC. to be a resource to the community and support Youth through sports and education. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Aviation Management from HU and a heart to give back from generations of caring individuals. #stopandpop24hrs

Vice President/Program Developer/COO Yolanda D. Earl is a humanitarian at heart and has been working in the nonprofit field for over nine years. She following God’s plan to save Youth on child at a time and goes that extra mile to make sure the reach their full potential. She has a Master Degree in Public Administration, Bachelor’s degree in General Studies with educational endorsements, Associates Degree in Early Childhood development with many certificates in her profession.

Event/Fundraising Coordinator Beina Khawani provides support to all who need it . She's been volunteering in local non profits for a few years and has a unique approach to her work. Her heart is for the children and their success. 

Financial Director  Leona Earl has over fifteen years of experience in accounting/bookkeeping and personal management in both the public and private sector. She has Associate degree in Accounting and years of professional references of exultant performance. She has a heart to serve and follows Gods plan to give back.

Secretary   Fawn Faulks  works with the youth in mentor programs at alternative schools, early childhood development centers and community based programs and helped to form the Sheriff’s Summer Camp program. While being an advocate for social justice and human equality, Fawn was elected to the board of her church, The Great Awakening United Church of Christ in Portsmouth Virginia where she sat for seven years as the board secretary, and maintained the position of church secretary as well. 

Educational Program Specialist  Chizea Fuller is a servant to the community a coach for special Olympics, Track & Field and Basketball. She is the President of Pheobus Athletics Association and has a goal in life to give back.

Sports Development Director -Adam Martin is our coach and has twenty-one years of coaching experience. He is active in his church with youth leadership and understands the dynamics of service in his community. He has corporate connections to Coca-Cola and allows his community connections to lead with many donations of time, drinks, and partnerships.

Chaplin   Tina Baily spent one year serving as a full-time  AmeriCorps Member  making a difference in the lives of children in the elementary schools of Hampton and Newport News. Through her service with AmeriCorps she realized her passion for wanting to give back to her community. Tina went on to become the Volunteer Coordinator for Habitat for Humanity Re-Store, in Newport News Virginia. There she helped adults and the youth reach their fullest potential in serving the community.  Tina not only held the position of Christian Education Coordinator, she sat on the Board of Directors for a number of years and served as the Book Keeper.

Board Member- Hector Cruz says A few things about me...well I enjoy helping people anyway I can. That’s the way my parents raised us, I have children I’ve done my best to teach them the same to help others. Even the job I had the shipyard was helping our Navy so they could continue to defend us. My motto is God guides and I will follow

Board Member -Jonathan Sims from Baltimore, MD currently receiving a Master’s Degree from Hampton University in Secondary Education. I have experience with lesson planning, teaching lessons, coaching, and motivational speaking. 

Junior Board Member -KeNan Smith at 15 years old has been a leader since early age. He has always done exceptional in school having honor roll most of his school years. KeNan is full of knowledge, love, wisdom, compassion and sets great example for youth every where. He helps us stay youth oriented and focus on what young people need most.